The Team


Sidhya Senani, an alumnus of Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), Delhi and Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, UK. Deeply passionate and committed to social sector since early age, she has spent her time since college years in empowering marginalized sections of society for their sustained socio-emotional and economical development. Her passion took a turn in 2015, wherein she believed that maximum impact can be created by working with children during their school years. She believes all human beings can live a much more powerful life than what they are living at any point of time by aligning their paradigms with reality. She is working with her Teachers, Management, Support Staff and Parents to provide a space for children to grow up to be empowered adults at the VITS School.


Namita Shukla is an educator at heart who started out as a teacher trainer, coordinator of various projects in govt schools, now a Principal and ultimately wants to also work as a education reformer. After completing graduation in B.A Economics (Hon)from Banasthali University, she did B.Ed. from Nagpur University, Master in Education from Kota university and Master in Journalism from MCU Bhopal She has 12 years of experience from Pre-Primary to Higher Education in curriculum & pedagogy, Senior Secondary School Teacher Training and Classroom Teaching practices. Apart from this she is a certified TIPPS trainer(Harvard University affiliated),a certified SEEL practitioner and a qualified Library educator from the TATA trust.


Alpana Singh has a knack of blending effectively with people around. She believes in practicality and attempts to give her best in the face of adversity. She perceives that as a teacher, she is not only an educator but also a learner who seeks something new every step of the way in life. She holds the teaching experience of over three years. She currently is the class teacher of Grade IV (Spring) and takes Social Science for classes IV (Spring, Rainy), and V (Spartans).


A free-spirited and fun person, Anchal Mishra has a huge heart. Love for children runs deep in her bones. She constantly strives to better her teaching methods, her interaction with kids and her understanding of early childhood development. She holds teaching experience of eight years and religiously practices the saying - Do What You Preach and is therefore able to immensely impact her children. She is the Mother Teacher for Grade UKG (Hangul) and assists in Dance.


Brimming with life and with an extremely sweet voice, Nirupama Singh Parihar is a favourite among the kids. An earnest, self-motivated and dedicated person, she strives to reach beyond the stars in every endeavour. Encouraging kids to think creatively and independently, she is a passionate individual and structures profound bonds with people in her life. She takes Creative Expression for all classes and Hindi language in senior grades. She resonates with the philosophy as it is the same value system with which she grew up.


Neha Dwevedi is a calm and confident person. She is a courageous soul who leads a simple life. She holds an experience of over ten years and decided to unlearn the conventional means when she joined The VITS School. She draws inspiration from her teachers, loves children and believes in philosophy that ultimately pushes her to give her best every day. She is the Mother Teacher of Grade L.K.G (Falcon) and assists in music.


Priyanka Tripathi is the lady of discipline. She loves being around children and feels every day brings in new to the table. She has teaching experience of over five years and recently joined our family. She presently is the class teacher of Grade VI (Ken) and takes Science for Classes V (Spartans), VI (Ken), VII (Pirpanjal) and VIII (Bhimbetka).


Priyanka Pandey is the innocent lady with a pure heart in the family. She loves children and being part of their timeless world. She is a hard worker who never says No and takes up challenges in good spirits to explore every opportunity on her way. She the class teacher of Grade II (Keoti) and takes Hindi for Classes I (Robin, Wren), II (Keoti, Bahuti), III (Tipan, Urmil) and IV (Spring, Rainy).


Punita Dubey is a bunch of happiness for every child. She holds teaching experience of twelve years and continues to contribute in the field. She is genuine, believes in a sound way of life and has a great sense of humour. She envisioned herself as an educator as she has constantly esteemed and regarded her instructors and this profession. She has been Mother Teacher for all the pre-primary levels, and presently holds to be of U.K.G (Nilgai)


Rashmi Singh Rajput is a sincere and hardworking woman. She has experience of over seven years and likes to read everything that is even remotely related to kids. She gets inspired and motivated by her students and puts all her efforts in whatever she does with a big smile on her face. She carries all her happiness, joy or worries with grace and spreads smiles and positivity around. She is the Mother Teacher of Nursery (NILKANTH).


Abhimanyu Singh

Abhimanyu Singh is the Admin Head of the school and also takes Mathematics for class VIII (Bhimbetka). He is intrinsically motivated and holds eleven years of working experience. He is committed and gives his heart and soul to the institution. His down to earth attitude and positive regard inspires all.

Rajesh Kumar

Rajesh Batra is the Go-To-Officer who is available 24*7 for the institution. Having a history of working for over twenty years, his outrageous dedication and work show that he offers best to the institution. He looks after the transport and several school resources.


Neeraj Mishra is the Librarian of the school. He has work experience of over twelve years and contributes to the official work of the school. He has been innately interested in reading books and feed knowledge about library science for a long time. He is hard-working and honest towards his work.



Neelendra Verma is the Office Boy. He is kind and puts a grin all over in the school. He is caring, devoted and laborious towards his work.


Manoj Pathak and Ram Babu Garg are the watchmen of the school grounds who are always attentive on duty. They take care of the entire school campus. They are humble and grumble never.


Radhakant Shukla is the gardener of the school. The beautiful garden where children play with swings, the football field encompassed by finely chopped fences and backyard are all maintained by him solely. The huge forest, vegetable garden, indoor plants and just about anything green, flowery, leafy is taken care of by him.


Cleanliness Team

Cleanliness team are a team who are always attentive on duty. They take care of the entire school.