Every Day Must

The school has a daily schedule which it follows every day. Just as about how brushing teeth, taking cold showers, washing clothes, etc are important chores to practise and lead a healthy lifestyle, the equivalent are few routines that we find are implicit to practise in school. These include –


Assembly, as it suggests means gathering. It is the first meet-up of all the students and teachers to come together and carry forward their day in full spirits. There are seven days in a week and so are the seven different routines that unfold into a beautiful day. We believe that it is important to stretch muscles, focus for a period of time in silence and start the day with a bright look on the face.

Students begin their assembly with either exercise or yoga and end it with the National Anthem. The whole cycle rotates class-wise and students conduct it in accordance with their turn.

Monday, the first day of the week is constituted with prayers (Hindi and English), news, thought and article of the day. A quiz comprised of three rounds is followed by, for both students and teachers to keep it exciting. Tuesday is reversed and the same is conducted by teachers exclusively. Wednesday proceeds with solo song and solo dance and Thursday ensues with group song and group dance. Friday entails an informative skit performance along with class-wise group songs. Saturday begins musically and so on the last day of the week; students play their preferred instruments and end it with group songs learnt in music class.


We all are aware that our brain keeps us running round the clock. It works hard 24*7, even while we're asleep. This implies that our brain requires a steady supply of fuel and that "fuel" is the energy that comes from the foods we eat which has a significant effect. Put simply, food directly influences the structure and function of our brain and ultimately our mood.

Students get up at six in the morning, get ready and come to school by 7:30 to start their incredible day. As the food is directly linked with our digestive and nervous systems, we believe it is important to not just supply our body with nutrients at 11 o'clock as a standard school time for lunch yet in addition in mid-day as well to keep our students running. Thus, a short 10/15 minutes of Snack break is inserted in the time-table to refresh and recharge mind and body for the students and teachers.


This is the time when all the students get together at the school courtyard, lay out mats and sit in a circle with their respective class teacher. Students share their freshly cooked lunch boxes and their eventful stories during the hour. Vegetarian food and non-packaged food items are expected and appreciated in the premises.


This is the last meet-up of students and teachers before bidding adieu and heading for home. It’s not as structured and regimented as assembly so this time, students do what they desire for. It could be a presentation made out of any observation as part of their assignment or a session conducted by a teacher regarding sensitive topics, or important announcements of the day or moth or simple playful activities like group songs or group dance.