We believe that a student’s second home is school, and second parents are teachers who look after and nurture such to help them grow in the society. We strive to make a natural and organic environment so that every child feels homely and is able to connect with peers and teachers.

Dialogue is an interactive communication session of students with their respective class teacher wherein they share their ideas, behaviours, issues, etc. This is a time when teachers and students focus together on the movement of enquiry and looking inward. We explore together the possibility of watching our fear, joy, anger, greed and hurt, with a sense of open curiosity rather than of judgement.

With the elder age group, we explore themes such as sexuality, motivation and resistance, the nature of the human relationships and the self. We also have discussions regarding norms followed in campus and the daily issues of living together.

Dialogue is not only an interactive session embedded in time-table yet additionally the school’s powerful medium with which everyone communicate with each other. The teaching staff uses it amongst themselves and with students to convey their objective requests, suggestions and observations.