The campus is situated on the outskirts of Satna in an area called Amoudha. We have protected the land from grazing and have ensured that regular irrigation recharges the land.

A 4 storeyed school building is the only piece of modern construction in the 2.5 acres campus. There are plenty of windows in each room and lot of open-spaces to ensure proper ventilation.

The building is simple in structure and blends with the landscape. The huge courtyard amidst the school is the most lively place of the school. Kids conduct the assembly, have their lunch and meet for bye time here.
The school campus is within the 25-acre campus of VITS College and facilities of sports and auditoriums are shared between the two. Both the campuses are provided with Basketball and Lawn Tennis court, Cricket ground, Football field,Volleyball court, indoor Badminton court and Table Tennis arena.
The campus has a Main Auditorium with a seating capacity of 2000 people and a PVR style 240 seater Auditorium - "Vihangam" wherein school kids regularly put up theatre productions.

For pre-primary and elementary students, the school provides a gigantic Greenland which has numerous swings to play with and increase flexibility, endurance and spatial abilities. The backyard of the school has an exercise centre associated swing set alongside a sandpit to play in together.

To enhance the skills in indoor games, on second floor,a spacious sports room with well stocked and necessary equipments is provided. Rainwater harvesting system is installed and the water is used to recharge the land.

RO system has been installed for drinking water needs of the kids. Every drop of wastewater from the RO is reused for cleaning purposes. The school is under the process of establishing a Decentralised Waste Water Treatment System (DEWATS PLANT) to further enable water to be effectively used for toilet flushing and gardening.
It is simply designed using microbes, plants and gravity instead of electricity and synthetic compounds that eventually produces biogas and supplement rich water that is usable. An idea of having a forest inside school campus was envisioned early on in the project and regular tree planting by the kids in the past years has made the campus one of the greenest pieces of land for miles around.

The vegetable garden and forest ensure that the kids develop a pure relationship with nature and understand the importance of preserving it. Regular classes are held for classes I to VIII to practically teach them about gardening and garbology.

A spacious and well-stocked library is provided on the first floor which is easily accessible to all the classes. A sick room for both boys and girls are allocated on the same floor.

To keep intact and nurture the creativity of every child, we have beautiful and spacious studios for theatre, karate, art and craft, dance and music respectively. Art and craft room has an extended open space for kids to work with clay and indulge in pottery.